Current Program Guide

To register for programs, stop by the YMCA, call or register online

Swim Lessons

Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. The Y offers swim lessons (for all ages) so we can all safely enjoy the pleasures of an aquatic environment. Swim lessons are offered year round.

Pool Parties

Pool parties including games, snacks and sometimes movies in the pool are offered on a regular basis. Click the registration button to check the latest pool party dates.

Water Babies

Our WaterBabies program builds basic water safety skills for both parents and children, helping infants and young children ages 6 months to 3 years old become comfortable in the water so they are willing and ready to learn to swim. These basic skills include adjusting to the water environment, showing comfort while maintaining a front or back position, bubble blowing, and gentle submersions. Water babies is offered year round.

Lifeguard Training

Whether you’re looking for a great summer job or a career as a professional lifeguard, the YMCA Lifeguard Training Program is the place to begin. Lifeguards learn not only valuable skills such as CPR and in-water rescue, but they also develop leadership qualities, communication and team-building skills, and improved self-confidence. The comprehensive course offers up-to-date information on how to guard by anticipating and preventing problems before they occur and how to take action to help those in danger when necessary. Lifeguard training is offered a few times a year often in the late spring.