Health & Wellness


Current Program Guide

To register for programs, stop by the YMCA, call or register online

Youth Weight Training

Learning to lift weights properly can help kids avoid injuries and may help spur motivation to stay active. This class is offered one Saturday each month for children and teens ages 11-14. Those who take the class may exercise on their own in the wellness center.

Personal Training

We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, as well as the personal attention that comes with a trainer or coach. Please contact the YMCA for a current list of trainers and training packages.

Group Exercise

Most group exercise classes are offered free of charge to Y members.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is offered year round on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:15-7 p.m. These high-intensity workouts help participants reach their fitness goals with the encouragement and accountability of fellow boot camp participants. Sign up any time and pay monthly.


TRX training is offered year round. It helps strengthen muscles and keep the body strong for daily living and more. Sign up any time and pay monthly.


Exercise challenges such as jumping rope, climbing stairs, giving up bad habits or holding weight for the holidays are offered each month to keep members motivated to move.

Women & Weights

This private after-hours class for women only is designed to teach you weight-lifting techniques and tips and help you gain confidence in the weight room. Learn how to use the free weights and cable machines and how to create a simple workout plan. Offered at various times throughout the year. See the program guide for details.